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Why Is There No Green In ASAT?

The pattern took years to develop, with most of the attention paid toward animal vision. The  yellow based tan is the pattern  that reflects all other colors, it is the only color that does this. After years of testing and countless hours in the field, we now believe we offer the BEST OF THE BEST!

Why Are The Lines Curved Instead Of Jagged Like Tree Branches?

When is the last time you jumped a deer and it ran directly into a tree? Never! Our lines deal with the fight or flight mechanism of the animal. It is a calming effect that cause the animal to look directly through you.

Explain The 3d Suit?

It is a cover system made to go over any type of clothing. From 100+ degree temperatures to -20 below, it works in all seasons and in all terrain. Also great for law enforcement.

How Does Asat Look In A Black And White Photo?

Just about INVISIBLE...

ASAT Doesn't Look Like Anything?

Exactly! Are you going hunting or to the Prom? ASAT was built towards animal vision and not what the consumer thinks is pretty.