The rabbit, deer, elk, and moose are what color? 
    Brown....Exactly! If green were such a good camo color the good lord would have made these animals green. The next time you're in a sporting goods store look at the clothing racks, what color are the hunting clothes? So if nature tells us the best camo color is brown, then what is the obsession with green? The answer is simple.
    Most camo today is designed to catch the hunter rather than to help catch the quarry. The bottom line is if you want a camo pattern that looks good to wear on a date, then you're at the wrong website; however, if you want a camo pattern that works in All Seasons and in All Terrain, then I welcome you to the ASAT Nation.
    For those of you on the fence I offer you this challenge:
    If you use ASAT Camo exclusively for 1 year and do not see more game than you
    ever have wearing any other brand of camo, we will buy it back guaranteed!
    Good Luck Huntin'
    Rob Smollack, President - ASAT Camouflage

    *Textile fabrics for the manufacturing of clothing.